Amazing Panoramic Photos with Pano

This week, the App Hunter delves into the pros and cons of one photo app, the Pano.

Last week, I collected a – but did not nearly get to test all the cool photography-related apps I wanted.

So, I devoted this week to Pano ($1.99), an app for the iPhone and Android that builds a string of photos into a detailed panorama.

In short: There's a lot to love.

Developed by Debacle Software, Pano is simple, intuitive and almost disaster-proof, in terms of its user experience.


Now, there are a few drawbacks. Unlike other programs, you cannot go back and stitch together photos taken outside the app to create a panorama. Instead, you have take all the photos in succession, lining them up one after the other.

When I first tried out Pano, the app wanted to stack the photos vertically rather than horizontally. There’s an icon in the left-hand corner meant to clear up the confusion, but it’s not completely obvious how to fix it until you try out a few photos.

The good news: Photos save quickly. Plus, the app allows you to see the end of your last photo via a strip of transparency, so you can overlap the images. Even if you’re off a bit—which you inevitably will be—Pano does an excellent job of blending colors and matching lines (though, there may be an occasional double-image shadow).

My two favorite photos were a Chicago cityscape I took while returning home from the Chicago Bears’ loss to Green Bay on Sunday, and an indoor shot of speaking at Frank Lloyd Wright’s .

Check them out in the media player, above.

If you’re looking to impress your friends with your mobile phone photo skills—Pano provides easy-to-use and beautiful panoramas.

Patch also has its own iPhone app, which will connect you to local news, weather, events and business listings in your town.

Submit your photos manipulated with Pano, and we’re run them! Email your local editor at carrie.porter@patch.com

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