Date Night Destinations in Winnetka and Wilmette

Have a hot date coming up? Patch has a few ideas for you!

The Chicago Botanic Garden is one of our top picks for a date in Winnetka.
The Chicago Botanic Garden is one of our top picks for a date in Winnetka.
1) Wilmette Public LibraryWe love this idea from that reader Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith gave us on our Facebook page! Her and her boyfriend — who are both big writers and readers — love to have a date at the Wilmette Public Library. They especially enjoy the children's section and the biography section. 

"It's not that we don't go out to fancy places in town for a real dress-up & look really nice date, we just prefer relaxing and reading & [The Wilmette Public Library] suits our needs there!" she said.

2) Chicago Botanic Garden: If a bouquet of flowers is romantic, then a whole garden full of them must be even better! Head to the garden (admission is free, parking is extra), There are 26 gardens and four natural areas, so be sure to wear your walking shoes. 

3) Fancy Restaurant: (Our picks are O'Neil's, Guildhall and Depot Nuevo): A nice dinner out is one of the most classic date nights there is — for good reason. Few places are as romantic as a nice restaurant. 

4) Walker Brothers Original Pancake HouseStart your day out right with a breakfast or brunch date — leaving the rest of the day free for another activity on our list! 

5) Green Bay TrailIf you and your beau both love the great outdoors, how about checking out a segment (or the whole distance!) of the Green Bay Trail? Whether you're bikers, runners or just out for a stroll, there's definitely something for everyone. 

6) Take a Cooking Class: We've already covered going out to eat, but how about bringing the meal to you? Both Dinner at Eight and Backyard Barbecue Store in Wilmette offer courses on cooking. Be sure to sign up early! 

7) Wilmette TheatreThe Wilmette Theatre offers off-beat movies and live events. We love the idea of discussing one of those in-depth flicks over a Bobtail Ice Cream. (Which is conveniently located right next door!) 

8) Writer's Theatre: If you and your paramour are both theater buffs, check out the Writer's Theatre in Glencoe! There's always something great playing. A full schedule is available here

9) Massage EnvyIf you're idea of a great date is something relaxing, how about massages at Massage Envy? More information is available here

10) Rummage Sale: Few things are more fun than the hunt for a good deal at a garage sale. Get up early on a Saturday, grab some coffee and drive around the area looking for deals. Extra points for whoever finds the best deal! 
11) Sailing Lesson: Whether you're a pro-sailor or haven't found your sea legs yet, how about setting up a sailing lesson? Kenilworth Sailing Club offers some highly-rated lessons. More information is available here

12) Winnetka Ice Arena: The Winnetka Ice Arena is open every day from Sept. to May. Few things are as romantic as holding hands while you skate around. Twitter follower Clay Estabrooke described the area as "#ItzMagical" — and we agree! 


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