Glenview Store Sold Winning Lotto Ticket

Did you pick the winning numbers? No one has stepped forward yet to claim the $200,000 prize.

Check your pockets.

Did you buy a Lucky Day Lotto ticket at the Glenview 7-Eleven on Glenview Road? If so, you may be about to get $200,000 richer.

The store sold the winning ticket to Monday’s midday drawing. The ticket matches all five numbers — 01 - 03 - 06 - 33 – 36 — making it one of just over 70 grand prize winning tickets in the Lucky Day Lotto midday drawing in the past year.

The winner has not yet stepped forward, according to the Illinois Lottery. The store gets a 1 percent prize, or $2,000, for selling the winning ticket.

george lemieux May 09, 2014 at 12:38 AM
Have you ever heard a good "inside story" on anything yet? Never, right? Except the parents, nobody will ever tell you about anything that really works yet you hear about lottery all day long, everywhere in print and audio so that alone should tell you lottery doesn't work, is waste of money and emotions...you are better off doing anything else with those money. And no, is not "only a dollar" because human heart is funny...it hopes like hell so is always "maybe next week" and before you know it you drop $20 bucks for what you used to think will hurt you one dollar then you keep "hoping" so stop making fun of smokers for paying $7 per pack on taxes only...at least they hold the product they wasted their money on while you have nothing but dreams for "next week." Treat lottery as the plague...don't forget, nothing good is ever advertised all over the place, nothing, ever.


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