Go Green Wilmette Educates Residents on 100 Renewable Energy

Volunteers say residents would still save more than $400 if they choose Wilmette's individual choice electrical aggregation program.

On Saturday, June 30, the Go Green Wilmette Booth at the Wilmette Farmer’s
Market was busily handing out reusable produce bags to Wilmette residents who stopped by. 

Inside the bags there was information about how to opt up to Wilmette's 100 percent Green Power Program. Many of the Wilmette residents who stopped
by knew little or nothing about , which should
save most households around $450 the first year. And most had no idea about
the "individual choice green power" option, which allows them to offset their
household electricity use for the year.

Residents were most appreciative of the information provided. Many people were very confused by the letter that they received in the mail last week (on the Village's letterhead) about their choices. Many others had just thrown their letter away, some without even opening it. Considering how hot it was, it was quite remarkable that 175 residents stopped by to talk with the Go Green Wilmette volunteers to get information.

If you enroll in Wilmette's Individual Choice 100 percent Green Power Program, annual aggregate savings (over $400 for most) would be reduced by only about $9/year (about 75¢/month), and your household would, in one year, be:

  • eliminating the burning of 9,270 pounds of coal
  • eliminating about 13, 835 pounds of CO2 (most significant greenhouse gas)
  • helping to grow renewable energy sources of power

It's easy to enroll:   
1.  Go to www.LakeshorePowerAlliance.com, and click on Wilmette's Power
     Purchasing Program
2.  Select Individual Choice MC2 100 Percent Green Power Program 
3.  On the next screen enter your email address, zip code and Commonwealth Edison account number, check the authorization box, and submit your request.

You may also call MC2 directly at 855/564-8129 toll-free, or visit
www.Wilmette.com or www.GoGreenWilmette.org.

Make a difference. Join today.

Any other specific questions can be directed to John Prejzner at Village Hall at

Go Green Wilmette will return to the Farmer's Market this Saturday, July 7.

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