Lou Malnati's Ranked Among Top Pizzas in Country

The pizzeria, which has a Wilmette location, has been ranked among the top 33 pizzas in America.

Stuffed-crust lovers, rejoice. 

Lou Malnati's Chicago Classic has been ranked by The Thrillist as one of the top 33 pizzas in America. The pizzeria has over thirty locations across the Chicago area, including one in Wilmette. 

"I like to think a tomato-topped slice with just the right amount (in this case, the right amount is a lot) of cheese and a whole d••• layer of sausage can heal all disputes," the article reads. "Oh, also it's on 'buttercrust'. Just whisper it to yourself. Buttercrust."

Other pizzas in the Chicago area on the list include Vito and Nick's sausage pizza and Coalfire's prosciutto pizza. 

Do you agree that Lou Malnati's has some of the best pizza in America? Let us know in the comments below!


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