More than 100 Volunteers Helped Clean Up Elmwood Dunes

Volunteers helped remove brush and overgrowth on April 13.


More than 100 volunteers helped clean up Elmwood Dunes, removing brush and overgrowth on April 13, according to event organizers. 

Friends of Elmwood Dunes, a group made up of people interested in the 80-foot wide and 600-foot long strip of lakefront property in Wilmette, held its first village sanctioned Elmwood activity last Sunday.  

For photos, visit the group’s Facebook page: www.Facebook/WilmetteOpenlands 

Last fall, members of the group walked the site with staff from Wilmette’s forestry division and engineering department to get a sense of the cleanups needed. 

Last year, the village’s Municipal Service Committee recommended turning the Elmwood Avenue property into a public nature preserve, which would allow anyone to access the property from sunrise to sunset, would prohibit boat launchings and use of motorbikes and includes plans for a path to be built over or through the area’s nature preserve portion.   

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