'On' the North Shore It Is

A Patch editor learns how to write to his readers.

Last week, a few Patch sites in the area ran a poll to gauge public opinion on a simple but common expression. It was hardly breaking news, but we actually took the time to ask our readers to weigh in on a two letter word — . 

Among 55 votes, 37 prefferred "on" and 18 preferred "in." I'd say that's a mandate. Coupled with the post's 26 comments, it's clear the question resonated with our readers. 

As a result, I, Stan Golovchuk, Local Editor of Northbrook Patch, now know a simple but fundamental preference shared by a lot of our readers. I will gladly write to that preference. Heck, just to be safe, I may never use the word "in" again. That was the last time. 

Joanna Schneider, Local Editor of Glenview Patch, first noticed my habit of writing "in" the North Shore, agreed to take part in this unusual debate and suggested the poll's winner receive a tiara. Since her camp clearly won, I have ceremoniously crowned her and photographic proof of the gesture is attached to this article. 

I hope last week's poll, and the conversation it inspired, reveals the potential relationship Patch can have with its readers. I know the people I work with pay attention to the comments you leave, the polls you vote in and the emails you send us. We're here to provide you a service, inspire conversations and hopefully make life ridiculously easy for you and your neighbor. That's actually our motto. 

When the comment section is used to have a civil and thoughtful discussion, you, the Patch readers, have the power to shape the way we, the editors, run our sites. Whether it's using a certain expression, reporting on a certain topic or adding a puppy photo to every single article (who's with me?!), we want to hear how you feel because we want Patch to be an asset to the community. 

Have conversations among yourselves, point out our errors, send us ideas and let us know when you really like something. We offer you this opportunity because we've seen, with last week as a great example, the glorious potential of a Patch website. Just don't forget to be mature, thoughtful and respectful in your feedback, and we'll continue to weigh your input when we run our sites. 

See you on the North Shore, folks. 


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