There May Be a Sandusky at Your School

How would you react if your school turned out to be evil?

We are Penn State?

Are you still sure about that?

After weeks of speculating about what was in the Freeh report, it was finally released. According to the report, the top officials at Penn State University were all to blame for allowing former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky to continue his reign of terror on helpless little boys for 14 years.

Even the late great Joe Paterno is at fault. Actually, other than Sandusky, JoePa is second on the list of evil-doers in this case. Looks like the entire football program, the board, the trainers and a whole lot of others are to blame for keeping their mouths shut while defenseless boys were taken advantage of.

But what if you had graduated from PSU? You loved the school, still do, and you finally come to the same conclusion that everybody outside of the university already has come to: the university was run by a lot of nasty, evil, awful, selfish people. How do you feel now? Do you still proudly wear your Nittany Lions sweatshirt to the grocery store? Your old PSU hat while driving around town?

It's got to be difficult. Spending your time, growing up, making friends and becoming an adult on the streets and classrooms of State College. And now, in one big swipe, everything you were proud of is now looked at as the worst offender in a large pool of college problems. This isn't trading jerseys for tattoos or scoring touchdowns for a car--those issues were young men, children even, making mistakes that young people make. This is grown adults, influential people, wielding power that allowed boys to be raped.

And what if it happened at your school? Michigan, Michigan State, Southern Illinois, or, God forbid, Notre Dame? How would you feel and react. Would you still be sporting the Goldem Dome apparell come Saturday afternoon?

I know you don't want to erase some of the best years of your life, but I don't want to see another Nittany Lions T-shirt for the rest of my life.

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Steven Bohne July 13, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Art - I agree the crimes committed to these young people are an atrosity. There is no excuse for the crime and even less excuse for the cover-up. And, in a way, I think we all feel violated that this monster got away with this and people covered it up. I have a daughter and could not even fathom such a thing. But I think maybe you are "throwing the baby out with the bath water" per se. The football program and the people involved in these incidences are not all encompassing of the college. I did not attend State College but would not look upon someone who did with any less respect than someone who went to U of I, Michigan, or Notre Dame. John Wayne Gacy performed as a clown for parties and such. Do I not go to the circus or beat up the next clown at a kid's birthday party because Gacy was a clown? I know my comparison may seem extreme but all the criminals we are discussing (Sandusky, Gacy, others) are monsters who either did or covered up a horrible crime. But that doesn't mean I spit on the next guy/gal wearing a PSU jersey. And I will still take my daughter to the circus. Just my opinion. I hope you have a wonderful day!
Art Daniels July 13, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Thanks for the comment, Steven. I would never condone spitting on or even looking down on people wearing PSU clothing--they had nothing to do with this incident and should be proud of what they accomplished. I'm just asking the question of: how do you feel about your school, or how would you feel if it were your school. I don't want to see PSU shirts, hats, jerseys for a while because it reminds of this event and I wouldn't wear it. But I don't look down on those who feel differently. And I wouldn't take my kids to the circus. I hate clowns, but that's another discussion dealing with a common phobia.


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