Ravinia has Record First Day of Ticket Sales

Three times as many tickets sold by early afternoon Thursday as did the full first day last year.

Ravinia sold a record number of tickets Thursday during the first day of sales for the 2014 season, according to NBC Chicago.

By early afternoon, more than three times as many tickets were purchased as were sold during the entire first day of 2013 sales, the article says. Customers faced up to a three-hour long wait time to buy tickets, which Ravinia says it is hoping to reduce next year.

James Taylor’s June 27 concert was already sold out and seats were limited for Train, One Republic and John Legend, the article says.

You can read the entire NBC Chicago article here.

David Zornig April 26, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Head on over to Ravinia's Facebook page for some spirited responses, as to how they handled the sales that got them that record day. Ticket brokers and pre-sales before the time they were available to the general public, soured many of their customers. They likely lost more than they gained. They chose to offer the entire season's worth of shows, instead of staggering the sales closer to the concert dates. The only thing they succeeded in, was creating a scenario for which they could pat themselves on the back. At the cost of massive negative public relations.
FaceOnMars April 26, 2014 at 02:29 PM
Sounds like amature hour by the folks at Ravinia. Yes, staggering is the way to go ... not only for purposes of reducing load, but also from a marketing perspective. Instead of capturing the market's attention for just a single day, they could've spread the interest across a longer time frame ... increasing frequency of exposure to Ravinia's lineup. If they're worried about people who want to purchase multiple events in one shot, they could always setup a sort of "membership" presale such as the LA Greek. However, I think the probably reason - based upon their response within FB - is that they opted to simply increase their cloud hosting platform's resource allocation for just a single window of time. In other words, they may have opted to scale up their resources by 5x for one go around vs. 2x for 10 staggered releases as a cost saving measure. Just a guess. Regardless, Ravinia is lucky to have Bob Weir in the house!
Jon Hall April 26, 2014 at 06:15 PM
Ravinia is another example of North Shore arrogance. This is one of the most performance and audience unfriendly entertainment venues in the country. It's all about see and be seen while gossiping and overpowering an economy car quality sound system while performers who can't see most of their audience play listlessly cause they get paid, top buck, to get in and get out. Buy a pricey pavilion seat for a non classical attraction and all you'll hear is constant surround sound chatter. A low minor league park disguised as major league, complete with rude bush league fans. It's like another Wrigley thing. Unfriendly disguised as friendly.
LisaJoinPatch April 28, 2014 at 10:50 AM
Not sure where the media got "up to 3 hours wait time" because we were waiting much longer from 5 am (yes I woke up before 5 to log on which I do every year) and did not get tickets until after 10 am when everything we wanted was sold out but for one show. Guess we are just going to one show this year which is very disappointing. It is truly a disgrace that we had to wait 5 hours online to get tickets. Their system needs an update or they need another system. I disagree with you about the experience. My husband and I budget for about 3 concerts a year (Pavillion only for us b/c we enjoy being close to the action) at Ravinia and have had a great experience and have seen some of the best shows of our long lives.


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