Q&A: Donna Calk, Owner of Kenilworth's North Shore Boot Camp

We ask and members of Wilmette, Kenilworth share their passion, insights.

Kenilworth resident Donna Calk teamed up with Harris Sophocleous of Personal Peak to open North Shore Boot Camp in the summer of 2010. 

Calk, a West Point graduate, says she decided to start a business in Kenilworth because “I figured we do so much together in this town, why not start working out together, too!” 

“It truly makes it more fun to work hard and sweat with those you like to be around!” she said. 

Patch: What's your favorite thing about Wilmette or Kenilworth?

Calk: My favorite thing about Kenilworth is that it is a quaint, close-knit community, where you really get know your neighbors. Seeing such wonderful people at church, school drop-off, the beach, the and other community events really enables you to build relationships with others within the community. 

Patch: What's the best memory so far you've had owning North Shore Boot Camp? 

Calk: The first summer it started (it's been around for three years now), I ordered pink tank tops for all the women participating that summer. I remember going to camp pick-up at Sears school after a particularly tough Boot Camp class and seeing a lot of the Boot Camp ladies walking around, sweaty with red cheeks wearing their Boot Camp shirts talking to others about their awesome work out that morning. It was then that I realized that Boot Camp was providing exactly what I'd hoped, a way to work out hard to stay fit and healthy, but in a fun, neighborhood environment with people you know.

Patch: What's something surprising about the business that you wish readers new more about?

Calk: Although Boot Camp is considered a tough and difficult workout; people of all fitness levels could participate. We try to make the classes so that anyone would feel comfortable joining the group and working at their own pace.

Patch: Where do you go in Wilmette or Kenilworth to relax?

I find it very relaxing to walk on Kenilworth Beach or down Sheridan road. There is something about the water that makes me feel relaxed and happy.

Patch: Is there a place that you'd consider a hidden secret in Kenilworth? I’m not sure it's much of a secret, but I'd have to say that every family should be aware and use the Green Bay trail to have fun and exercise as a family. This summer, my family and I have had so much fun riding our bikes on the trail from Kenilworth into other North Shore towns stopping to have lunch or dinner and then riding home. It's such a beautiful and safe way to ride bikes as a family.

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