Silly Monkey Baby Offers a Simple Swaddling Solution

The BabyHug, a way to securely hold a newborn, was the basis for a Kenilworth business.

The BabyHug offered by Silly Monkey Baby.
The BabyHug offered by Silly Monkey Baby.
Name: Anna Pieta

Business Name: 
Silly Monkey Baby, inc.

Job Title: 

609 Ivy Ct., Kenilworth

When and how did the business come to be?
My mom and I started Silly Monkey Baby a little over three years ago. Our initial idea of the BabyHug was born seven years ago but we never thought to bring it to market until friends and family started asking for "that thing that helps you hold the baby" when our second little one was born. What started as a simple solution to help our family hold our newest addition flourished into what the BabyHug is today.

What is your business best known for?

The BabyHug - swaddle blanket with a cushion. The BabyHug is a swaddle blanket with a cushion designed for a safe and comfortable way to hold your little one and additionally it simplifies swaddling. The cushion creates a surface so baby rests comfortably and is fully supported from head to toe, and the multi-flap system makes swaddling effortless. It is especially great for nervous parents with a newborn, aids in lifting and holding baby post Cesarean section, a great aid for grandparents, wonderful for sibling bonding, perfect for visitors, all while keeping baby comfy, cozy and warm.   

What is something most people don't know about your business?
Something people do not know about our business is that we are a mom/ daughter team with eight kids between us. With our experience we know we created a unique product that truly simplifies life with a newborn.
Contact Silly Monkey Baby at 847-722-7444, email at  SillyMonkeyBaby@gmail.com or find them online and on Facebook.

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