Two Drug Stores Coming to Wilmette

Walgreens and CVS are scheduled to open at opposite ends of Wilmette, in Edens Plaza and Plaza de Lago respectively.

Wilmette will soon add two drug stores to its list of . 

Scheduled to open in early November, Walgreens is expected to take up half of the f location in or about 15,000 square feet. 

On the east side of Wilmette, CVS is expected to open in March 2013 and occupy the 12,700-square-foot space in  

There are two existing Walgreens in Wilmette, one at . and the other at . The nearest existing CVS is in northwest Evanston at 3333 Central St. 

West Wilmette Underserved by Pharmacy

Walgreens plans to take advantage of the high mall customer volume and prime location next to the Lake Street-Edens Expressway interchange. 

“It’s a great location for serving our customers,” said Jim Graham, spokesman for Walgreens. “I’m a Wilmette resident myself and I look forward to stopping there when driving to work.” 

When Joseph Fried and Associates, the management firm for Edens Plaza, applied to , village officials told the firm that the west end of Wilmette lacked easy access to a drug store, according to John Adler, director of Community Development for the Village of Wilmette

With the Walgreens’ opening, 95 percent of the space will be leased out at , according to Jan Nocita, spokeswoman for Joseph Freed and Associates. The firm is still negotiating with potential tenants to lease out the other half of the old Borders space. 

Regaining Lost Sales-Tax Revenue

but village officials are “fairly confident the Walgreens can close that gap, even exceed it,” Adler said. 

“The store works well with the rest of the center,” he said. “Between , , you can get a lot of shopping done.” 

CVS partly chose Plaza del Lago because seniors living around the plaza wanted easier access to prescriptions. 

“We’ve heard from residents from the condos near the site, and apparently they’re looking forward to us coming in,” said CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis. “We’re happy with that.” 

DeAngelis says seniors buy two to three times the prescriptions when compared to other age groups. 

New CVS, a Drive-Thru Pharmacy

CVS replaces on a bigger scale the closed Del Lago Pharmacy. “Once that closed, a lot of people in the high rises missed that,” Adler said.

The new pharmacy in Plaza del Lago will have a single lane drive-through, which is expected to generate the bulk of the store’s retail sales. 

DeAngelis says 70 percent of a CVS store’s retail sales typically come from pharmacies.

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