Go Green Wilmette Spearheads Campaign

Go Green Wilmette staffed a table at the Wilmette Farmer's Market to educate fellow residents about the hidden costs of buying electricity for the Village

On Saturday, May 5, Go Green Wilmette (GGW) joined with organizations around the world in an International Day of Climate Action, organized by 350.org, an international environmental organization headed by author Bill McKibben and was called “connect the Dots to Climate Change.”

GGW members staffed a table at the local French Market to educate Wilmette residents about the hidden costs of using coal-fired power plants as the source for their electricity and to secure their endorsement for sourcing renewable energy instead. 

The Wilmette Village government has recently committed to finding a single supplier for the Wilmette/Kenilworth upcoming electrical aggregation.

GGW is working with other community groups to encourage Village leaders to look beyond the cheapest source for power (coal) and factor in both the health and environmental repercussions of such a decision. 

Renewable green energy should be the primary source option.

The city of Evanston has just committed itself to using 100 percent renewable energy sources in its electrical aggregation. They expect to prevent 313,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

A similar commitment in Wilmette and Kenilworth could prevent 150,000 more tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere! That’s huge!

For a very minimal cost per month Wilmette and Kenilworth could have a positive impact on the health of their residents and their environment—a good way to “connect the dots to climate change.”


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