Go Green Wilmette’s President Honored for Advocacy

Beth Drucker was received an award for her environmental efforts.

To the delight of Go Green Wilmette members it’s President and leader, Beth Drucker, was honored by The Volunteer Center. Appropriately, for the recipient of an award for “Environmental Advocacy," the evening began in candlelight, since an earlier storm caused the electricity to go out.  So, on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club, Beth Drucker, was honored by the Volunteer Center for “Environmental Advocacy”.  

Beth’s contributions are wide ranging and include; efforts that resulted in the “Wilmette Environment & Energy Commission”, maintaining the Go Green Wilmette website (www.gogreenwilmette.org) , presenting “Green Tips 101” to various organizations, working with hundreds of students to help them learn to grow their own flowers and vegetables, leading discussions about documentary films and books dealing with important environmental issues and spearheading the village-wide environmentally oriented fair, ()

Other ways in which Wilmette has benefitted from Beth Drucker’s efforts are primarily seen in school programs. She helped to establish outdoor classrooms at and , she designed and created puppets that represent the various food groups to help children learn to make healthy food choices,  and she often speaks to student and community groups about the solar powers used in her own home.

Wilmette is fortunate to have Beth Drucker among its residents.  She brings dedication and energy to difficult issues that greatly benefit the community.



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