Wilmette Bikers Share Your Insight With IDOT

Residents are asked to take a short online survey to help IDOT in the development stages of the bike transportation plan.


The Illinois Department of Transportation is looking for input on their new bike transportation plan.

The Illinois Bike Transportation Plan will follow the Long Range Plan’s theme of Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow and will provide the Department with policies, best practices and strategic direction for implementing a sustainable, multimodal vision for Illinois.

Take IDOT's online survey about the bike plan

In order to gain input from as many stakeholders as possible, the Plan will set up an advisory group with other state agencies (IDNR and others) and bicycling stakeholders such as (but not limited to) the League of Illinois Bicyclists, the Illinois Greenways and Trails Council, and state Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), who can provide advice to the development of the plan. There will be several interactive opportunities, both online and in person, for public input on the plan.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in the plan include: a statewide and regional analysis of the current accommodations, policies, and planning documents for bicycling in Illinois; an evaluation of IDOT’s implementation of the state’s Complete Streets policy and other bicycling-related statutes; and a review of national bicycling trends and best practices and their applicability in the Illinois transportation context. The existing conditions analysis will include an analysis of state bicycle safety data, existing roadway conditions for bicyclists at a regional and statewide scale, existing greenways and multi-use trail coverage throughout the state, and stakeholder input on bicycling and safety conditions.

Based on the existing conditions analysis, plan recommendations will be made that include the following:

· Bicycling related planning and policy recommendations,

· Bikeway safety, design and maintenance recommendations,

· Regional-scale bikeway network recommendations,

· Bikeway network implementation and prioritization recommendations,

· State bicycling performance measures,

· Education, outreach and enforcement recommendations, and

· Funding recommendations

The final plan will serve as a bike improvements policy document as well as an action plan with specific recommendations that will help IDOT make its commitment to long-term transportation, livability and sustainability a reality.


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