Wilmette’s Ice Rink Wins Some Neighbors Over

Wilmette Park District is looking to address noise and light issues at Thornwood Park's ice rink and will review possible changes in the next two months, Chicago Tribune reports.


When Wilmette Park District approved building an ice rink in Wilmette’s Thornwood Park, the decision faced backlash from residents, especially Wilmettans who neighbor the park, but now some residents say the ice rink is a nice option for the community, Chicago Tribune reports.

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Wilmette Park District Director Steve Wilson says he’s received compliments and complaints on the rink but overall he is pleased with the rink since it opened in January—the park district is looking to address complaints about noise, especially the sound of pucks hitting the hockey goals and the lights and will review possible changes for next winter in the next two months, Chicago Tribune reports.

In the past, several Wilmette residents have accused park district officials for not hosting enough public discussions before approving Thornwood Ice Rink.

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