Wilmette Teen Scales Highest Mountain in Antarctica

Taylor Sweitzer, 18, skied to the South Pole and reached Mt. Vinson.

A Wilmette teen made the journey to the highest mountain in Antarctica on Jan. 19, skiing to the South Pole and then scaling the summit of Mt. Vinson, which is 16,040 above sea level, Chicago Tribune reported. 

Adventure seems to run in Taylor Sweitzer’s blood, the 18-year-old made the trip with a group from Polar Explorers, a Wilmette adventure company run by his father, and three years ago, the Wilmette teen became the youngest person to ski to the North Pole, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

In 2011, Polar Explorers led a trip to South Pole to commemorate the 100th anniversary of man’s arrival at the South Pole.

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