Kid President's Pep Talk: VIDEO

You can cry about it, or you can dance about it. Wise advice from the Kid President.

What will YOU create to make the world more awesome?

That profound question came from one 9-year-old young man in a tailored suit who is billed as the "self-appointed voice of an entire generation."

Robby Novak, aka the Kid President, lives in Tennesee but his blogs have gone worldwide. His video pep talk has over six million hits, and counting. He has 20,000 followers on Twitter @iamkidpresident and more than 14,000 likes on Facebook www.facebook.com/KidPresident

The Kid President is has been on the Today Show, interviewed by CNN, NPR, and the Washington Post. He believes:

"If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team?....then we should act like it!"

"Remember what Journey said, Don't stop believing...unless your dream is stupid."

"Who are you to not be AWESOME?!?"

Erin Elizabeth February 05, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Or maybe he meant the opponent is life itself... it's hard enough to get through, why make it harder by being against each other?
Anna Openshaw March 17, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Okay he's 9! And I think that analogy was AWESOME! and if someone had helped him with the analogies than it wouldn't be him talking, well yeah it would be him talking but it wouldn't be his idea!


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