DiMaria's Energy Will Move Morton Grove Forward

A Letter to the Editor from Anthony Hofeld.


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I am writing to confirm my support for Dan DiMaria as the next Mayor (Village President) of our Village of Morton Grove.

My wife Jeannie and I have lived in Morton Grove for almost 26 years. During those 26 years at various times we have been quite involved in school activities, youth activities and activities at St. Martha Church. We have consciously stayed out of Morton Grove “politics”, principally because we felt that in our Village there is really no need for politics; that one needs only to vote to elect the best person/people on the ballot each Election Day.

This time however, I did feel the need to get more involved. In the upcoming Primary Election (Feb. 26) we will need to choose between two people and their two different styles. I have known Dan DiMaria for many years in various capacities. He and I are both experienced business owners, and we both have a strong entrepreneurial outlook. I support Dan DiMaria because I believe that his style, his energy, his entrepreneurial outlook, and the enthusiasm that he has for Morton Grove (and seemingly everything else) is what Morton Grove is in greatest need of at this time. I believe that Dan DiMaria is the right person to move us forward during the next 4 years; a time when we will need to encourage and seek economic development like never before, a time when we will need to aggressively compete for development opportunities and dollars, and a time when we will need to develop and implement new strategies to compete most successfully.

Please do not interpret my support for Dan DiMaria as a criticism of or complaint about our current Mayor, Dan Staackman. Dan has worked very hard during his term as our Mayor, a term during which the economic conditions have been unquestionably challenging. It is my opinion, however, that Dan DiMaria’s energy and style make him the right person to serve as the next Mayor of Morton Grove, which is why he will get my vote on February 26th.

Anthony R. Hofeld

Sandi B. February 01, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Here are some comments from a current Trustee about Mayor Staackmann, which I think are worth reading: “Making the tough decisions and sticking to them unwaveringly can make the mayor seem emotionless, but his heart is right here in Morton Grove." The previous mayor, "had all the same issues and opportunities, but for four years, nothing was getting done." “Krier was more personable, but Staackmann is more effective.” "I think he's been an effective leader in that he's driving the village in the right direction in a tough economic climate." "But overall I think he's done a pretty good job." Who wrote all of these endorsements? Trustee Dan DiMaria (November 10, 2010 – Patch.com story titled: Patch Profile – Morton Grove’s Mechanic Mayor)! And in a current statement by Trustee DiMaria, found on his Facebook page, “…I believe Morton Grove needs a leader who will bring in new businesses and save taxpayers money.” Gee, from his previous statements -- does this mean Trustee DiMaria is now voting for Mayor Staackmann???
Nancy Liston February 01, 2013 at 03:36 PM
I appreciated Tony Hofeld's thoughtful endorsement for Dan DiMaria. He gave his opinion as to why DiMaria will make a better mayor but he did not attack our current mayor. It's sad that as soon as his letter was posted the mayor's supporters, some using fake names, launched their all too familiar attacks on Dan DiMaria. We are sick of that kind of politics on a national level and we sure don't need it here in Morton Grove. Dan DiMaria is a good family man with a record of volunteering and being involved in our community. He was elected once as Village Clerk and twice as Village Trustee, he was the top vote-getter in these contests. Each time he was elected he ran as an Action Party candidate and he was never bashed by his opponents like he's being assaulted by his own party now. Why is that?
MG Filipino February 01, 2013 at 09:36 PM
I see no attacks or bashing in comments. But let's tell the truth. Compare the two men's records of accomplishments and then decide upon that. If you do, you will see Staackmann a man of few words and accomplishment while Di Maria a man who aspires to achievement but has no record to share. It is good to volunteer, but having the capacity to lead is another. It is not about being friends, having a nice family or having a good personality, it is about hard work and the capacity to get it done. Perhaps any feelings of assault are because Di Maria turned his back on the Action Party and is working with those they defeated in previous elections. I have read other letters here by Di Maria's colleagues who wrote in support of Staackmann so I imagine they know more about what the requirements are to be a good mayor and that it may be more than having energy and a nice personality. If Ms. Liston is sick of politics, I can agree but wonder why her family is so involved in support of Di Maria's candidacy? Can that camp give us some reason why to vote for him instead of our current mayor?
Pat Craig February 01, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Possibly because he abandoned his party and it's choice and threw in with the leadership of the group that tried to destroy the party he claims to be a part of might answer your question Nancy.
Pat Craig February 02, 2013 at 01:55 PM
Perhaps, in all the political rhetoric, a few questions got lost. -Exactly what is Mr. DiMaria's plan to lead Morton Grove? -What is his record of accomplishments that would indicate he has what it takes to lead Morton Grove? - What programs has he originated, concieved or championed that were not collaborative to better life in our village? -How would he do anything different than what has been done, (and he signed off on), by the current administration?


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