‘Housing Crisis’ Averted on the North Shore

One Winnetka homeowner and Brazilian immigrant looks to the Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs to save her family home.

Dear Editor,

On June 20th, an ecstatic Winnetka homeowner and Brazilian immigrant came to us straight from opening the day's mail.

At last, thanks to Interfaith's intervention, Glaucia McAtee got a trial loan modification cutting her payments almost in half!

This, after a nail-biting period in which she was 10 days from losing her home to foreclosure. We are so pleased she shared the good news -- and her childrens' thank-you notes -- with us. 

After losing her job in 2009, coupled with a decline in her consulting business and her husband's income, the family of four could no longer afford their mortgage. 

Coming to us this past February, Glaucia desperately wanted to keep their home of five years. They were within days of their home going to a Sherriff's sale because she and her attorney, who referred her to Interfaith, did not compile all the extensive paperwork that her lender, Wells Fargo, required to forestall foreclosure.

Interfaith staff Anna Dominov and Jasmine Brewer worked with this family on budgeting and financials to submit a loss mitigation package to their lender. 

Anna also collaborated with the Cook County Circuit Court Foreclosure Mediation Program.  This McAtee family came into our office June 20th to let us know that not only have they been approved for a trial loan modification, their monthly payment decreased by $1,000! 

We will continue to work with the McAtee family until a final modification is granted but as this stands today, this is a huge victory. 

Glaucia, who brought us drawings from her son in gratitude, gave us all hugs and said with a smile, "I wanted to stay in Winnetka because it needs diversity!  My children want to be here."

Many thanks,
Gail Schechter, Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs

Concerned about your mortgage? Contact Anna or Jasmine at (847) 501-5760 and visit the center's Foreclosure Prevention web page. The Interfaith Housing Center is a HUD-certified Housing Counseling agency. All services are free of charge and are confidential. 


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