‘The Yule Log’ Turns 45 this Holiday Season

Nothing says the holidays more than a burning log on television.

There’s no car chases or supermodel appearances. There isn’t even a plot. All there is – and we mean all – are a couple of burning logs and some festive music.

Oh, and there’s a fireplace.

The Yule Log – an hour length feature displaying burning wood – celebrates its 45th anniversary this holiday season. Fred Thrower’s classic first debuted in 1966 under the Tribune Company’s WPIX television station in New York City.

The actual footage is a seven-minute shot that’s looped for hours on end.

There’s something cozy about playing The Yule Log during Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there’s also something silly about watching a burning fireplace on a TV hanging above an actual fireplace.

But that’s what makes it special, too.

The program originally aired on Christmas Eve and ran anywhere from two to four hours long. Since then, cable companies like Comcast offer The Yule Log instantly On Demand.

The simple accessibility has garnered The Yule Log a cult following. It even has its own fan club that sells t-shirts – for you and your dog – mugs and even water bottles. (The water bottles are probably for cooling off after sitting too close to the fake fireplace.)

The feature is now being offered in 3D for the first time. We’re guessing only hardcore Yule Log fans will commit to sitting down for several hours while wearing special 3D glasses.

For the rest of us, however, there’s high-definition. And if you have Comcast, you can watch it right now. Locating it can be a tad tricky, but we listed an easy way to find it below.

Using you remote, hit the On Demand button. Select “search” and type in “Yule.” Several selections will show – some for 5 minutes others for an hour – pick the one you want and you’re good to go!

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