Fire Department Extinguishes Blaze on Skokie Boulevard

No one was hurt in the fire.

Wilmette firefighters extinguished a blaze that burned along the front windows and roof of a home at 440 Skokie Blvd., Wednesday morning.

The home’s residents were out when the fire ignited, and no one was injured, said Wilmette Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Gorr.

At 11:04 a.m., firefighters responded to a 911 call and arrived on the scene five minutes later. The flames had little time to spread, Gorr said, and Wilmette firefighters quickly put out the blaze.

“We ended up knocking down the fire almost immediately,” Gorr said, “and then we spent the rest of the time cutting holes in the walls and roof to make sure there was no extension of the fire, which we had stopped right around the front window area… We were just making sure there were no hot spots or something that we missed.”

Gorr said he overheard someone saying a passerby had made the 911 call.

The fire department was still investigating to determine the source of the blaze, Gorr said, but they have determined that the fire originated near the front window frames.

“I’m not saying this is what the cause was,” Gorr said, “but there were roofers there earlier this morning, reroofing this front overhang canopy, right below the front window. That’s kind of in the same area where the fire started…. I don’t want to accuse anyone.”

Gorr said the fire department determined that there was no significant damage to the structural support of the home and said he thinks the residents will be able to remain in the building.

A Northfield truck, a Winnetka engine and rigs from Evanston and Skokie responded to the fire, according to Gorr.

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