New Light Shed on Kenilworth's First Homicide

The doctor who was called to Valerie Percy's side when she was murdered kept a hidden account of the killing.

A Kenilworth woman has come forward with her husband's account of the infamous 1966 Valerie Percy murder, The Chicago Tribune reports. The slaying was the village's first homicide.

Nydia Hohf, who still lives in the same home that was two doors down from the Percy's, released what the Trib calls "a detailed account of a notorious North Shore murder scene," written by her husband, Robert Hohf, three days after the killing. Robert, who died in 1993, had been the first doctor to examine Valerie. The doctor was called in the middle of the night by Valerie's father, then-Senate candidate Charles percy, and escorted to the residence by Kenilworth Police.

Read the full story for Robert's account and find out why the doctor was never questioned by police here.



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