Grayslake Approves Plan to Close Asphalt Plant

The Village Board expects the closure of Curran Asphalt to improve air quality in Grayslake.

An asphalt plant near the intersection of Route 137 and Route 83 will close by next January, according to an agreement with Vulcan Materials that the approved Tuesday.

In that agreement Curran Asphalt, which leases the land from Vulcan Materials, will also have to remove the plant equipment before the end of 2013, and four large billboard signs will be elimiated by 2015. The unincorporated plant site will also be annexed into the Village.

"We're always willing and trying to work with our neighbors and long term the Village has a direction they want to go in and they have this land to help them do that," said Joshua Robbins, spokesperson for Vulcan Materials.

Curran Asphalt has not operated out of the Route 137 and 83 location for a year, according to Vice President and General Manager of Materials and Plants Mike Leopardo. "We stopped simply because of the lack of work," he said. "We didn't have enough to keep the operation running."

Leopardo said five people were let go when the plant stopped operating and the field crews are now running out of other Curran locations including in Lake Bluff, Crystal Lake and DeKalb. Curran's plant in McHenry is not operating at this time due to lack of work, Leopardo said. 

Last year several citizens voiced concerns to the Village Board about the air emissions from the plant and from the . Mayor Rhett Taylor said, "We took those comments very seriously and want to do what's right for the residents of Grayslake."

"By approving this agreement and the asphalt plant closing we will eliminate a major pollution source in the Grayslake area," Taylor said.

Vulcan Materials Company, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates, a major producer of other construction materials including asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and cement.

LMJ July 19, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Your comment is irrelevant to the story, and I don't really care what you have to say, quite frankly. It must be because of the thousands of comments that proceeded this one, from you, that serves for nothing than to bee line at any comment my family makes. This will be the last comment I make to you, because I don't have the time to waste on your back and forth nonsense. What the Patch should have done, is to have put an update at the bottom, so that this argument wouldn't have happened, then you would have had to try to think up something else to insult me with. If something has changed with your posting and you want to have a decent conversation with me, then let's do that. Hint for you: Don't start out your comments with, "Do you even read the articles before you comment?"
Sandra Sims July 19, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Uh, Brad, I realize you aren't the sharpest pencil in any box, but even you should realize that property taxes aren't paid on REVENUE. If the town is annexing the land, then there will be ZERO property taxes paid on it.
Brad Faxton July 19, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Yaaaaa I'm a disposable lead filled marking device. Witty. Yer still wrong. Town taxes by the number of workers and numberb of units produced. Past years - none. Revenue - none Go backto chuck e cheese or Cinnabon
Softball Jim July 20, 2012 at 12:37 AM
1.) Lisa, I do not run to this board to comment or argue with your family. 2.) I make many a comment on the boards, that you do not even comment on. 3.) You threw the first stone at the Village. 4.) I live in this Village, and take great pride in the fact that I do live here. I think it is a wonderful place with decent schools and I find it an insult that your family seems out to destroy our Village, Schools, Parks, etc, when you do not even live in Grayslake. 5.) Before you say it. Yes I know you live in the school district. 6.) You do more harm to our community with your Vitrol comments and negativity than anyone else around. 7.) if "Do you even read the articles before you comment" is considered an insult in your life, then I think that explains alot. Sincerly Jim
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