New Trier Republican Organization: Ryan Pick Shows Romney’s Campaign is One of ‘Big Ideas’

New Trier Republican Committeeman Bill Cadigan shares his view of Governor Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for vice president.

The following is a statement issued by New Trier Republican Committeeman Bill Cadigan, reacting to . Cadigan is also an alternate delegate for Romney to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. 

Governor Romney made an outstanding choice when he selected Congressman Paul Ryan to serve as the GOP vice-presidential nominee. Congressman Ryan will bring to the ticket a wealth of good, Midwestern common sense and a deep understanding of the federal budget. He has vision — a bright and promising future for every American — that he has translated into concrete legislative proposals, many of them with bipartisan support. His unshakeable optimism and passion for ideas are precisely what this country needs right now.

From a personal perspective, the selection of Paul Ryan is heartwarming. Through my father’s work in the construction industry, the Cadigans have known the extended Ryan clan in Janesville, Wis., for more than 50 years. Congressman Ryan was raised in a family and a community where hard work, sacrifice and generosity to others in need are very ingrained.

By his very presence on the ticket, Congressman Ryan will elevate the debate in this Fall’s election to the level the times demand and the American people deserve. The GOP faithful and independent voters who are tired of name-calling and negative ads want this to be a campaign where “big ideas” are debated in a civil and informed manner. Paul Ryan’s selection ensures the GOP ticket will offer that to voters. Well done, Governor Romney! 


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