Proposed Congressional Map Splits Northern Suburbs

Dold now lives in new Ninth District.

Many citizens of Illinois’s current Tenth Congressional District will have a new member of Congress, according to a proposed redistricting map released Friday.

Every ten years, Congressional boundaries are redrawn to adjust for population shifts noted in the United States Census. The proposed map released Friday shows the planned borders for the state’s 18 Congressional districts. 

Illinois lost a seat in the House of Representatives because the state grew at a slower rate than other states. A vote on the new map by the Illinois General Assembly is planned this weekend. 

In the current district, represents all of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highland Park, Winnetka, Glencoe, Deerfield, Northbrook, Libertyville and Buffalo Grove as well as most of Glenview and Wilmette. serves the remainder of Glenview and Wilmette. 

Dold's home switches districts

If the proposed map is approved, Schakowsky will act for more of these communities than before, and Dold's Kenilworth home will be located in Schakowsky's redrawn Ninth Congressional District.

Legally, Dold can run in either place. The law only requires a member of Congress to live in the state they are representing. When Wilmette business consultant Dan Seals ran against Sen in 2006 and 2008 as well as against Dold in 2010, Seals lived in Schakowsky’s district. 

The new Ninth District will include all of Winnetka, Kenilworth and Wilmette as well as large portions of Glenview and Northbrook. It will also encompass a tiny portion of extreme southeastern Glencoe. 

The reconstituted Tenth will continue to cover all of Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove and Libertyville. It will still include most of Glencoe as well as significant parts of Northbrook and Glenview. 

Nearly all of Northbrook and Glenview west of Lehigh Avenue remain in the Tenth District while those portions east of Lehigh will be in the Ninth, with some minor variations. 

'Map was gerrymandered'

Dold was not the only Republican placed in a district with another sitting representative in the proposed map. The same occurred for two other constituencies. No current member of Congress lives in either the redrawn Tenth District or the Eighth. 

With Democrats controlling both chambers of the General Assembly as well as the governor’s office, Dold and Kirk were quick to blame partisan politics for the changes.

“This map was gerrymandered to ensure suburban voters will have little voice in Congress,” Dold said. “This proposal appears to be little more than an attempt to undo the results of the election held just six months ago.” 

Kirk agreed with Dold about the gerrymandering and the loss of a suburban representation. He also saw partisan efforts in the new boundaries.

"The draft map is the unfortunate result of cynical partisans who want to override the decision of Illinois voters who elected fiscal conservatives to Congress,” Kirk said. “Its main purpose is to force (Rep.) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) back into power.”

Schakowsky declined to comment until the legislature passes a final map. 

While Dold said nothing about whether he will run against Schakowsky or in the reconstituted Tenth, where many of his current constituents live, he made it clear he intends to continue on the mission he began when he was elected. 

“The people of my district sent me to Washington to solve our nation's serious challenges,” Dold said. “In my first five months in office, we have put forward solutions to address those challenges but more work remains. I intend to continue to work tirelessly for my constituents and to be a Member of Congress until that work is done.” 

One person who will not be making a race for the new Tenth District seat is though she believes the area is now more Democratic friendly. Her name has been mentioned as a possible candidate. 

“From my perspective, the Tenth is more complete with more communities remaining together. I like the look,” Garrett said. “With everything we have to do map drawing is very complex. Everyone won’t be happy.” 

Deep Dish Pizza May 29, 2011 at 04:53 PM
Name some vote fraud from the past 10 years. There was the Florida hanging chad disaster in the 2000 presidential votes. But that was Republicans. There was the Ohio voting machine "errors" in the 2004 presidential race. But that was Republican again. There was the Wisconsin "missing" county votes just this year in the supreme court vote. Oops. Republican again. PS - the people who don't have a drivers license are the working poor who can't afford a car and either walk to work or are able to obtain vouchers for public busses. To force them to pay for an ID is back-handed way of forcing a poll tax which is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. But clearly the Republicans are ok with illegal activity when it comes to counting votes, as the past 10 years shows!
Deep Dish Pizza May 29, 2011 at 04:56 PM
The 2001 Illinois Congress mapping was drawn by Republicans. And Republicans tended to get elected for the last ten years. Go figure. This whining that "suburban voices will be drowned out" is hokum. If you look at the new map anyone can see the suburbs have MANY more districts now - all around Chicagoland in a big ring from north to west to south. The first thing that well-known "liberal" (not) Jim Oberweis said this week about the new map is that they look LESS GERRYMANDERED than the old one. That'd be the old one that Republicans drew 10 years ago.
Deep Dish Pizza May 29, 2011 at 04:56 PM
Why weren't you saying this 10 years ago when Republicans drew the last map?
nsmom May 29, 2011 at 04:59 PM
Having worked on election day many times, the only fraud I've seen in the 10th district is large groups of voters in Democratic areas being told BY REPUBLICANS that their polling place had changed when it hadn't. Oh, and votes from several machines in more Dem areas somehow disappearing. And yes, Dold misrepresented his views on many issues, especially Choice. He accused Dan Seals of lying about his/Dold's position, when actually Dold was lying (as we've seen from his votes) and Seals was merely calling out the lie. Fortunately Dold is likely to be out of Congress very soon.
Steve Sadin May 31, 2011 at 09:04 PM
The map has been tweaked a little and will be voted on later today. For those of you who want to see the changes and zoom into your street so you know if you are in the 10th and your neighbor across the street is in the 9th, go to http://www.ilsenateredistricting.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=109:how-to-access-the-adjusted-proposal&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50. You can use Google Earth to get all the details.


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