Schneider Raises Over $320K in Congressional Race

Deerfield consultant outraises Sheyman nearly three to one. Dold has yet to release numbers.

Democratic Congressional candidate of Deerfield raised $321,085 for the quarter ended June 30 for his campaign to unseat in the in the 2012 general election. 

Schneider will file this information in his report to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) later this week. The report is due Friday. 

“I feel like I have to do it all over again 10 more times,” Schneider said. “We have a long way to go.” 

Schneider said he raised the money from between 300 and 400 different people. “This (effort) was all mine. I made all the phone calls. I asked them (the donors) all.” 

Schneider, a management consultant, is one of three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to oppose Dold. Another contestant, Waukegan community organizer from over 1,400 donors. 

“I did not do a national campaign,” Schneider said. “I didn’t have a former DNC (Democratic National Committee) chair come here twice for me,” he added, referring to efforts made by former Vermont governor and presidential candidate for Sheyman. 

A third contender, Wheeling attorney , and Dold have yet to disclose fundraising information. Rep. Jan Schakowsky            (D-Evanston) has not filed her report yet as well.

A fourth potential candidate, said she will decide whether she is running by Friday according to published reports.


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