Wilmette Representatives to Resign from Evanston-Wilmette Golf Course Board

Wilmette Park District says the resignations have nothing to do with the lawsuit against Evanston-Wilmette Golf Course President John Losasso.

Wilmette Park District's two representatives on the Evanston-Wilmette Golf Course Association board are expected to hand in their resignations from the board Monday.

“We’ve been contemplating this for quite some time and we’ve decided to have our employees resign and our board will be accepting their resignations on Monday night,” said Steve Wilson, executive director, Wilmette Park District.

Jeffrey Bowen, superintendent of facilities, and Mike Matchen, general manager and golf course superintendent, are both expected to hand in their resignations during the park district’s May 14 board meeting. Both will retain their full-time positions at the park district.

Wilson says the resignations have nothing to do with the , which claims Losasso violated bylaws and seized power to conduct business dealings.

"The lawsuit is a lawsuit and it’s for the courts to decide the veracity of any claims,” Wilson said. “The reason [Bowen and Matchen] were supposed to be on the board was to provide a benefit to the Park District so it could have the information it needs. This was done way back in the 80’s long before there was the electronic communication there is nowadays.”

Information from the golf course board can now be shared via email directly, which Wilson says will allow the park district to stay informed.

“Having someone obligated to meetings in the evenings outside of their regular hours just is not necessary and not beneficial to the park district,” he said.

Wilmette Seeks Response on Unpaid Water Bills

Wilmette Park District is waiting for a response from the Evanston-Wilmette Golf Course on whether the course could prepay about $5,000 for this season’s water bill, according Wilson.

“We don’t want to continue to incur a debt or have them incur a debt to us knowingly, without some sort of sense that they are going to start paying down what they owe us,” Wilson said.

The park district is hoping to have a response from the golf course by May 21, when the district holds its Financial Planning and Policy Committee meeting.

Wilson says the park district is still in discussions with Evanston-Wilmette Golf Course regarding the $8,000 in unpaid water bills the golf course owes the village.

The golf course has not yet asked Wilmette to forgive its outstanding debt because it is waiting to see how the City of Evanston responds to .

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