Wilmette Wants to Reach Broader Group for Lakefront Master Plan Input

Wilmette Park District wants to get feedback from parent-teacher organizations, senior citizens, young families or local Rotary groups.

Wilmette Park District says they want to hear from more than just lakefront activists on the potential futures of lakefront parks, and plans to meet with consultants to see if they are hearing and acting on the same messages commissioners have received from residents, Wilmette Life reported. 

The park district board also wants staff to provide a list of what must be done at Gillson and Langdon parks, along with estimates of the costs, Wilmette Life reported. 

Last year, Wilmette Park District hosted public hearings to share the Lakefront Master Plan, which includes the renovation of the Gillson and Langdon parks and beaches.  

Smith Group JJR, a Chicago design firm, is helping the park district with surveying and gathering recommendations for the renovation.  

. The last series of renovations occurred in Gillson during the 1990s.  

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