Wilmette Warns Residents About Misleading Electrical Supply Solicitations

The village says any mailings not on village letterhead are not related to the power purchasing program should be read carefully.

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, residents have seen an increased number of calls and mail solicitations to switch their supply of electricity from Commonwealth Edison to other suppliers.

Please be advised that any mailings not on Village letterhead are not related to WP3 and should be read carefully. The Village, or mc2, will not contact you by phone and will never ask you for your ComEd account number. 

The Village has received several complaints from residents about misleading solicitors’ calls regarding the supply of electricity. In some instances, residents have even reported receiving calls from companies claiming they were from ComEd asking for ComEd account numbers and offering lower rates to stay with ComEd.

Please know that ComEd will never contact you asking you for your account number. ComEd is not offering lower rates to stay with ComEd and these calls are from third party suppliers.

If you provide your ComEd account number over the phone, companies are able to switch your electricity supply from ComEd, or WP3, to another supplier. In some cases, this switch may be unwanted.

If you feel you are being misled by these phone calls or mailings, the Village urges you to file a complaint with the Illinois Commerce Commission by calling 1-800-524-0795 or by going to www.icc.illinois.gov/consumer/complaint/

To protect yourself from making an unwanted switch to an electricity supplier, follow these steps: 

  • When you receive a call from a company regarding the supply of electricity, ask the caller to identify what company they work for. 
  • If they do not identify themselves, or claim they work for ComEd or represent the Village, do not provide any further information and report the call to the ICC.
  • Ask the caller to provide you with a call back number or general phone number for the business.
  • If the caller does not provide you with a phone number, do not provide any further information and report the call to the ICC.
  • If the caller asks for your ComEd account, do not provide it unless you are sure you want to enroll with that company.
  • If you receive a mailing regarding the supply of electricity, check to see if it is printed on Village letterhead. If not, the mailing is a solicitation and is not affiliated with WP3.

Please know that some solicitations may be from legitimate companies. To weigh your options with alternative suppliers and compare the offers to WP3, visit: www.pluginillinois.org or go to www.wilmette.com/wp3.aspx.

For more information on WP3, go to the Village’s website at: www.wilmette.com/wp3.aspx or contact John Prejzner, assistant to the Village Manager, at 847-853-7502 or prejznerj@wilmette.com.

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