After Selling 800 Ice Creams, New Trier Sophomores Donate to Soup Kitchen

In addition to preparing lunch on Tuesday, the students presented a check for $500 to the Second Baptist Church in Evanston. The sophomores raised the money by selling Dairy Queen "Blizzards" at lunchtime.

On Tuesday morning, a dozen students could be found mixing salads, mopping floors and washing tables at the soup kitchen in Second Baptist Church in Evanston. While it isn't the typical lesson plan for a sophomore English class at , one teacher said their work fit into the larger picture.

"We're trying to bring what they learn in class full-circle to identify with issues, which makes for a much more fulfilling experience for everyone involved," said Pat Gillie, who was referring to their class project on poverty in America. "You also see some students identify themselves as leaders in the process."


In addition to pitching in for Tuesday's lunch, the students raised about $1,000 to donate to the soup kitchen, where volunteers aim to buy a commercial mixer. They presented $500 on Tuesday, and a second batch of students will give another $500 next Tuesday, April 17.

The service learning project entailed fundraising at lunchtime, when students sold about 800 Dairy Queen "Blizzards."


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