Going Green Matters

Go Green Wilmette hosts events to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day is April 22, 2012. Have you thought about what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year? Many of Wilmette’s school children have. In fact, many have pledged to undertake activities that are earth friendly. The pledges began and Go Green Wilmette’s annual event, “Going Green Matters” and is continuing through Earth Day and beyond.

During “Going Green Matters” there were many opportunities to learn about  “greening“ the environment. As attendees left they were asked what they had learned and what they would do to help the environment. They filled out pledge cards that were placed on a pledge tree. Some examples are: “I will eat less meat”. “I will use my bike more” and “I will help with planting a garden”

Saima Abbasi, the environmental representative from said, “I first saw the mural at Going Green matters event. It was an eye catching mural and so when Beth Drucker had sent an email out to several Environmental reps for a chance to display the mural in their schools, I was instantly excited about it.  I got the mural for the week before Earth Day. I had requested that the pledges from the Going Green Matters event be left on so students could see all the different ways they could be better stewards of the Earth/environment.”

Debra Favre who is a local artist, a commissioner on the Wilmette Environmental & Energy Commission, and a member of Go Green Wilmette created this beautiful mural from scraps of fabric. It was first displayed at Going Green Matters and since than has made an appearance at , and and requests continue to come in. It will go on display again for the 2013 Going Green Matters.  Even without a tree, can you make a pledge that will make your home and community an environmentally healthier place?


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