Marie Murphy Science Olympiad Team Wins Regional Tournament

The school received top honors in 15 of 23 events.

On Saturday, Feb. 25 the Science Olympiad Team won its 11th consecutive regional tournament at s Des Plaines campus, taking top honors in 15 of the 23 events. It was a decisive victory with a final team score of 37, only 14 points away from a perfect score of 23, and 57 points ahead of the second place team.

Marie Murphy’s Junior Varsity team also came away with a triumphant win in their division, bringing home 15 first place medals and coming in no higher than third place in any event. Marie Murphy’s Varsity team has 15 competing members, and the JV team has 19. This year’s coaching team includes Marie Murphy staff members James Gravagna, Peter Ogden, Darren Persino, and Shannon Wright, as well as parents CK Kodendera, Dr. Anne Nagle, Dr. Gerri Newmark, Denise Wirth, and Rory Wolfe.

The varsity team first-place medal winners were: Anatomy – Jason Lee and Lauren Newmark; Awesome Aquifers – Regina Madanguit and Michael Rivkin; Bottle Rocket – Jason Lee and Elizabeth Sollitt; Crimebusters – Jason Lee and Carissa Yang; Dynamic Planet – Katherine Ho and Michael Rivkin; Experimental Design – Jamie Knippen, Jonah Wolfe and David Yan; Forestry – Jamie Knippen and Elizabeth Sollitt; Microbe Mission – Paul Farcasanu and Carissa Yang; Mission Possible – Regina Madanguit and Jonah Wolfe; Mousetrap Vehicle – Jamie Knippen and Carissa Yang; Reach for the Stars – Paul Farcasanu and Jonah Wolfe; Rocks and Minerals – Ethan Wirth and Clara Yam; Towers – Jason Lee and Clara Yam; Water Quality – Katherine Ho and Lauren Newmark; and Write it Do It – Jamie Knippen and Elizabeth Sollitt.

Varsity team second place medal winners were: Disease Detectives – Lauren Newmark and David Yan; Food Science – Regina Madanguit and Clara Yam; Meteorology – Paul Farcasanu and Youngjin Kim; Optics – Katherine Ho and Ethan Wirth; Road Scholar – Youngjin Kim and Ethan Wirth.

Varsity team third place medal winners were: Keep the Heat – Aiyappa Kodendera and David Yan.

Varsity team fourth place medal winners were: Storm the Castle – Youngjin Kim and Aiyappa Kodendera.

Varsity team fifth place medal winners were: Compute This – Paul Farcasanu and Carissa Yang.

Junior Varsity first place medal winners were: Anatomy – Robbie Kelly and Marina Zambrano; Crimebusters – Chelsea Ye and Marina Zambrano; Dynamic Planet – Andrew Wei and Chelsea Ye; Experimental Design – Esther Lee, Abraham Sun and Noah Zelinsky; Food Science – Jaine Archambeau and Andrew Wei; Forestry – James Liang and Tony Xu; Keep the Heat – Rachael Berkey and Seoho Lee; Meteorology – Stefan Ilic and Danielle Sirivat; Microbe Mission – Angela Lee and Chelsea Ye; Mission Possible – Jaine Archambeau and Andrew Wei; Optics – Stefan Ilic and Jonathan Silverstein; Reach for the Stars – Nick Chan and Jonathan Silverstein; Road Scholar – Kyler Coglan and Robbie Kelly; Rocks and Minerals – Kyler Coglan and James Liang; Towers – Esther Lee and Danielle Sirivat.

Junior Varsity second place medal winners were: Awesome Aquifers – Rachael Berkey and Esther Lee; Bottle Rockets – Alan Qin and Tony Xu; Disease Detectives – Seoho Lee and Marina Zambrano; Mousetrap Vehicle – Rachael Berkey and Chelsea Ye; Storm the Castle – Abraham Sun and Tony Xu; Water Quality – Angela Lee and Alan Qin.

Next up for the Marie Murphy Team is the State Competition, which will be held on Saturday, April 14 at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.


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