New Trier Approves Tentative $102 Million Budget

New Trier Township High School District 203 administrators say the district is in “good shape.” In its operating funds, the district is showing a surplus of $1.3 million, plus a contingency of $250,000.

The school board unanimously approved a tentative $102 million spending plan for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, up 4.35 percent from what the district planned to spend last year.

Much of the increase is due to . The projected increase in operating expenses – not counting capital improvements, life safety work and debt payments, among other things – is 2.43 percent, with projected spending of $93.9 million.

On the revenue side, the district is projecting collections of $100.5 million, or an increase of 3.98 percent from last year. It is projecting an increase in operating fund revenue of 2.61 percent, with expected income at $95.3 million.


The district has scheduled a public hearing and vote on the budget at its Aug. 20 meeting.

“We’re basically in good shape with the budget,” said Don Goers, the associate superintendent, noting that in its operating funds, the district is showing a surplus of $1.3 million, plus a contingency of $250,000.

Increases in revenue include 2.2 percent in new property taxes because there was slightly more new property added to the tax rolls than expected and a 23 percent increase in state revenue – a fairly small portion of the budget. The change in expected state revenue is “just because our budget was a little bit low last year,” Goers said.

Board member Carol Ducommon said the budget projections going forward look the best they have in her more than seven years on the board.

“This is the strongest it’s been since I’ve been on the board. It’s really wonderful,” she said.

While the budget is looking good for next year, the district should be looking for potential problems down the road, Goers said.

“There are several issues coming up, including pension reform and demographics with our enrollment going down,” he said.

New Trier has campuses in and

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David Greenberg July 18, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Artificial turf is dangerous. It gets dangerously hot during relatively mild temperatures, and up here in Highland Park where we have a turf field on Wolter's Field, the recorded temperature on 7/5/12 @ 1:15PM was 171.8 degrees (F). Additionally, as usage increases on the turf, it gets harder and harder. And every 5 years or so, the toxic rubber-crumb infill has to be removed and replaced at a cost of about 50% of the original install cost. It creates heat islands. It has toxic run off. You have to "fluff up" the turf. It's more expensive to repair than regular grass. There's higher instances of injuries on it (turf toe), and the NFL doesn't even want to play on it. Keep your students safe. Save your money. Use it for academics, not dangerous artificial turf.
Chi-an Chang July 18, 2012 at 01:51 AM
David, thanks for commenting.


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