New Trier Referendum Likely on November Ballot

The funds needed to replace three aging buildings on the Winnetka campus will not exceed $100 million, the board has said.

Architect Wight & Company's design. Courtesy of New Trier
Architect Wight & Company's design. Courtesy of New Trier

The New Trier school board is on track to get its building referendum on the November ballot as it continues to solicit resident feedback and reach out to the community, according to an article in the Winnetka Talk.

There are several steps the board must take to get its request before voters this fall. If that doesn’t happen, voters will take up the issue in the spring, the Talk article says. Additionally, the board plans to conduct phone polling and a community survey next month.The board has pledged to keep the cost of construction under $100 million. Voters shot down a $174 million referendum in 2010.

You can read the full Winnetka Talk article here.


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