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It's that time of the year again. New Trier High School hosts its annual prom in downtown Chicago on Saturday.

Dresses, tuxedos, limos and photos: It's all part of the prom tradition woven into the American high school narrative. Over at Patch HQ, we are excited to see the details!

Please share your photos for this year's prom by uploading them with the Patch Media Uploader to this story. 


And for a reminder of how the whole shindig goes down, according to one of our New Trier columnists.

Anatomy of A New Trier Prom Night

Dates: Most kids go in groups. They start to plan anywhere from one week to two months before the event.

The Pre-Party: Kids team up with dates at the party for photos – alone, with date, with groups of girls; groups of boys; en masse. At the pre-party, the group meets at one house an hour or so before departing for dance to take pictures (maybe 5-6 p.m.). Parent(s) usually drive the kid(s) there. Water, minimal, nibbles are served at this event. The bus/limo/mode of transportation picks up the group from the pre-party house. Sometimes, the moment the bus/limo takes off, the parents of the hosting house invite all the other parents back into the house for a glass of wine, beer, and some snacks.  Sometimes a full dinner is served. This info is usually communicated to parents in the group in advance.  None of this is necessary, but it does often happen.

The Post-Party: Either the limo/bus or a parent drops kids at one house for a party that may last until 1 or 2 a.m. Parents pick kids up after party. Sometimes kids of same sex as host are invited to stay overnight. Like many events involving kids, this is another one where parents need to draw their own lines in the sand. While some parents offer post-party overnights to girls and boys, others do not find that appealing or acceptable. Like anything involving kids, be sure to ask questions and get answers, names, and phone numbers. Feel free to call the host house in advance. Many folks do this under the pretence of saying “thanks” to the hosting parent and offering to bring some food/chips/cookies for the post party. That conversation will give you much insight into the parents’ boundaries and involvement in the event, and if it is something you are comfortable with your child attending. Walking in as the party is starting or even a ½ hour before it is to begin with your food offering will provide you with further insight into the parameters of the party and if you're comfortable with it.

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