Kenilworth Starts Clearing Village Water System

The Winnetka Fire Department started flushing fire hydrants Monday to remove sediment accumulations in the water system. The work is expected to last two weeks.

The Winnetka Fire Department began flushing Kenilworth fire hydrants Monday to clear the village’s water system, according to a village update. 

The annual hydrant flushing, which helps ensure there’s enough water pressure for fire protection service and for safe drinking, will last two weeks and is expected to take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

During hydrant flushing, sediment accumulations, such as silt, rust, debris or stagnant water, are removed from the water system and residents may notice water discoloration for a brief period of time after the flushing. 

The water is safe to drink but could discolor laundry, according to the village. 

Run the sink for about five minutes or until the discoloration subsides, if the water does not become clear after that, contact the Public Works Department or the Water Plant at 847-251-1094. 

Signs will be posted on streets before flushing begins to notify residents and drivers. Below is a tentative schedule. 

  • Monday, July 16: Southwest Kenilworth from Park Drive
  • to Greenwood Avenue.
  • Tuesday, July 17: Northwest Kenilworth from Park Drive to Maclean Avenue.
  • Wednesday, July 18: Southeast Kenilworth from Robsart Road to Kenilworth Avenue.
  • Monday, July 23:  Finishing southeast Kenilworth from Robsart Road to Kenilworth Avenue.
  • Tuesday, July 24:  Northeast Kenilworth from Kenilworth Avenue to Winnetka Avenue.
  • Wednesday, July 25:  Finishing northeast Kenilworth from Kenilworth Avenue to Winnetka Avenue.

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