Places to Cool off in Wilmette

With record-scorching weather this week share your favorite places to stay cool by commenting below.

Cooling Centers in Wilmette

Cooling Centers, if needed, are available at a variety of publically air condition building in the village including , , and the police department, according to Wilmette police.

If you need assistance related to the heat, please contact  at the non-emergency number 847-256-1200.  

Senior citizens that live alone without a caretaker are eligible for a senior call in program, police said. The resident is required to check-in by phone. If they do not check in a police dispatcher calls to make contact. If no phone contact is made, a police officer is dispatched to their home.  

Wilmette police say not every senior living alone is part of the program and is asking residents to check in on elderly neighbors.

Other Cool Places 

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