James Stoker
Who? Fair enough. I am a product of Wilmette Illinois. I attended Harper Elementary, Highcrest Middle, Wilmette Jr. High, and New Trier Township (East and West). In high school I worked for the park district. In college I worked for the village. My job was to call Wilmette residents and talk to them. There's a good chance I called your home. Currently, I work in the small coffee house located a block west of the Linden Avenue CTA stop. All day I talk to Wilmette residents. I listen to Wilmette residents. Through my interactions and exposure I have grown a deeper appreciation for the people of this town. Something more than basic hometown pride. Everyday I meet someone new and that adds another dimension to my comprehension of Wilmette. Who we are, what we are about, what we stand for, strive for, pray for, and work for. We carry our weight with composure and strength. We balance our work lives with our home lives. We value our children above all else. More than the struggle of keeping up with the Joneses, we labor to achieve a happy home. This is a town of anxiety and love. Of wealth and civil responsibility. Of PTA meetings and social gatherings. Of families and friends. This is Wilmette. This is who I am.
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